The below examples are prepared as a quick look at just some of C4 Social’s branding work.




Example 1: Happy Campers Gluten-Free Bread

How do you take a brand with a grassroots feel and a loyal following whose branding doesn’t match their premium ingredients and pricing? You rebuild it, but keep the thing that makes them special…personality and heart.

When the brand came to us, they had a lot of hand drawings incorporated into their bag design (shown above on the left). Camping and being outdoors was a very important piece of this brand, so we kept the tent aspect as part of the logo, but built on the tree landscape and let the grains of the bread show through the clear parts of the bag (seen above on the right). Colors were identified based on the bread flavor and we provided a very quick brand refresh with a few new guidelines that can be seen HERE.

With a fresh new look and two bright faces, Jan and Lacy, at the front of the brand, we were able to successfully rebrand the product’s bags and company logo. The new look honored to the outdoor quality that helped this brand become successful while also helping them reach a larger market and attract more direct to consumer purchases. Ecommerce sales and new customer traffic increased by 300% in the first four months of working with C4 Social.



Example 2: Crazy Muscle

How do you create excitement around a brand that has been around for a while on Amazon, and infuse a new energy to help reach a larger audience? You rethink the way you represent yourself. Because having Crazy Muscle is more than just a supplement. It is a way of life.

So we started by completely rethinking the way this brand talked about itself. We started with a Mood Board that we thought visually represented the brand. We rebuilt the entire brand from the ground up and focused on three main colors. Orange, Light Blue, and Pink. Orange would symbolize products to help you get bigger, or gain more muscle. Light blue would be a supplement that would help you get leaner. Finally, the pink color would represent overall strength and supplements that help you get stronger. All of this work culminated in a new brand guide for Crazy Muscle. This guide fueled their social media, ads, and overall presence across the web.

We reformatted the logo, bottle design, and brand as a whole. Finally, we made guides to help our customer avatars reach their desired end state before they bought the product. That goal was to gain muscle and feel great about themselves. So we created The Crazy Muscle Protocol and gave it away to our potential customers as lead generation and value-added.


Example 3: August & Wonder

There has never been another product quite like it. The branding was already perfect. The product was $1,200. We sold them out in 60 days.

The product was August & Wonder. It was the world’s most elegant real-time market tracker. The ideal audience was traders, wealth advisors, and financial professionals. We took the existing video asset and made it shine to the right audience at the right time.