TikTok Shop Management

Service includes:

  • Setup and registration on TikTok Shops (harder than you think)
  • Assistance with setting up your entire TikTok Ecosystem
  • Working with TikTok Seller Central to ensure your shop is synced with your Shopify store
  • Recruiting influencers who are on TikTok Shop to send them free samples, get them to post, and get them ready to turn into ads (if they take off)
  • Incorporate TT Shop posts into your daily organic posts so customers can easily find your products

TikTok Shop is one of the fastest growing competitors to Amazon. Yep, you read that right. With warehouses all across the United States, you can tell that TikTok is trying to make a dent in Amazon’s piece of the pie. Only time will tell how big a piece they will take, but for now, TikTok Shop is a place you definitely want to be right now.