From Retail Rejection To DTC Success

Our Approach

Leverage any existing brand recognition garnered from their existing retail space, known as CHOMP, and reposition the company with their rebranding of Healthier Home Products by CHOMP as a DTC brand online with a direct connection to helping customers clean their homes in a safer way.

The Plan

  • Reimagine The Brand Guide and Messaging
  • Redesign Logo and Packaging¬†
  • Identify Customer Avatars and Sales Funnels
  • Establish A Unique Social Media Presence
  • Produce Video Content That Converts

The Results

Financial year recap

Healthier Home Products

The challenge was to transition HHP from a retail-reliant presence to a DTC powerhouse with customer relationships and profit channels they control.

  • eCommerce DTC Strategy Development
  • Paid Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email & SMS
  • Influencer Management
  • Photo & Video Production
  • Results
  • $400K/month revenue on Amazon
  • $150K/month in revenue on Website
  • 50,000+ loyal customers