How To Turn One Facebook Live Into Five Pieces Of Content

How to go live on facebook and turn it into several pieces of content.

You might have hard that Facebook Lives are THE thing that you have to do in order to trick the Facebook algorithm into getting more engagement and authority for your Facebook page. While some of that might be true, who really knows, right? I mean the thing that most folks don’t think about is that the algorithm itself changes all the time. It’s kinda like speaking about the weather with absolute certainty. Weathermen might tell us the % of chance that it’s going to rain, but atmospheric shifts happen all the time that can cause a change. So if we continue on this weather analogy, it would make sense to be ready with some sunscreen for sunny days and an umbrella in your car or backpack for the rainy ones. 

What I am trying to say is…while Facebook Live content is important, it is just one piece of the puzzle. And while this piece of real estate is massively important to help your business’ reach on Facebook, it is truly maximizing that one piece of content to create more content that you can use in ads, stories, videos, emails and lots of mediums to help reach your audience with fresh, new content every week. 

Now That We’ve Talked About The Importance Of Facebook Live, Let’s Tell You How To Make Multiple Pieces Of Content From Just One Five-Minute Video

For an example of what I am talking about, I am going to break down your Facebook live into five parts. Each of these parts is going to be one minute long. This would make the entire Facebook Live video five total minutes for this explanatory scenario. You might want to go longer or shorter depending on your brand and your content. 

Minute 1 – Big intro, welcome and say hello. Be yourself. Introduce your three sections. 

Minute 2 – Give tip #1, but pause before you do it so you can have a good cut for your editor. 

Minute 3 – Give tip #2 

Minute 4 – Give tip #3

Minute 5 – Engage with your comments, answer any questions. Be a real person. 

Now let’s break each of these down. 

When Should You Speak Directly To Your Audience During A Facebook Live?

When you first start your Facebook live, the tendency might be to wait a minute for followers to arrive. Don’t do that. 80% of the folks that watch your video will be watching on the replay, so don’t just cater to the potential 20% that are watching you live. Once you hit that “live” button, you’re on, friend! 

The very first thing you should do is grab your viewers’ attention with something physical. I have seen folks do jumping jacks, wave their hands in front of the camera, or even use some of the in-app filters to get attention. This is particularly important in the first three seconds of the video as it is the time to grab someone’s attention who might be scrolling and see the first part of your video. 

After you grab the attention, welcome them in. Be a real person and connect with them for the first minute of your content. Here is what it might sound like: 

Hey guys, welcome to my show. I am so glad you’re here. Today we are going to be talking about _____________. Before we get started though, I am here for you. Go ahead and let me know where you are watching by leaving a comment on the video. In addition, if you have any questions now or if you are watching on the replay, I do check all of my comments, so just send me a note and I will get right back to you. 

During your one-minute intro, you have: 

  • Grabbed your audience’s attention
  • Welcomed them into the video
  • Asked them to engage with you by letting you know where they are watching from
  • Told them what you will be talking about

What Type Of Content Is Best To Share During Your Facebook Live Video?

Now you’ve welcomed your audience. What’s next? You’re ready to get started with some real value to help them. It’s time for tip #1.

During the first minute of your Facebook Live video, you let your audience know what you would be talking about. You have broken it up into three sections. Part 1, 2, and 3. For the sake of this example, we are going to call them “tips.”

Before you start into tip #1, let your audience know you are about to get started. Ask them if they are ready. If they are, tell them to smash the like button. Maybe this will get you a few extra brownie points with the Facebook Gods. : )

Take a noticeable pause before you start into tip #1. Then literally say the words: 

Ok guys, tip #1 to help you ___________ is…

Then you can elaborate on the tip. Explain, show examples. Use props. Provide value. 

Now that you have shared your first juicy tip. Pause again, get ready for tip #2. Do it. Same with tip #3. 

How Should You End Your Facebook Live Video And What Is The Call To Action?

You did it! Your video was awesome. You gave tons of value to your audience members. You feel really good about it. Now you have earned the right to ask your audience to do something for you. A call to action. This is completely up to you, but there is one thing that I recommend for everyone. It is very simple. 

Give more. More value. 

Here’s how you do it: Tell them that if they enjoyed the content or the recipe or the tips that they can get more by clicking on the link in the comments and then you will send them a free guide. You will then earn their email and first name and have a really warm potential customer. Why are they really warm?

  1. They watched your content till the end. How do you know? Because you mention it at the end. (you can also mention it during the middle for a higher conversion rate if you wish). 
  2. They segmented themselves by showing interest in what you were talking about. 
  3. You have earned the right to retarget them with your Facebook ads based on video views. This is going to be truly valuable, especially with the ability to track pixel data virtually disappearing with the iOS14 updates from Apple. 

Going live can be a real benefit for your business, especially if you think it through and put some strategy behind it. Once you have your Facebook Live video complete and posted to your page, you can download it, edit it, give it to your team and post it all over your social media accounts. Each tip is one piece of content. Your Facebook Live video from start to finish is one piece of content and you can edit the entire piece into one 15-30 second video as well to make your fifth piece of content. 

Work smarter, not harder. Keep up the great work. You are a hero. 

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